Kel-n-Rich 2.0 TOP NEWS 2020 !


Kel-n-Rich are coming back with a brand new show in 2020. Starting in January, first reactions to music return with a brand new format.

Metal? Yes! PROG? Of course! Other genres? You bet!!!
Full and uninterrupted song reactions? YES and YES!

All songs they react to have been fully approved by the artists or labels that represent them so all basis are covered and it’s FULL SPEED AHEAD.

IF YOU WANT KEL-N-RICH TO REACT TO A SONG OR BAND YOU LOVE, FEEL FREE TO USE THE TEMPLATE LETTER BELOW or Email us to request a copy ( Have the artist or label agree to allow KnR to provide a full song reaction and email it back to them! Simple!

More additions to the show will be announced and explained very soon.

Thanks for stopping by!


Attention: (Name of Artist or Record Label)
I am a writing to you today as someone who appreciates music and is a fan of (Name of Artist). I have a very specific request that involves the use of (Name of Song or Songs) on a first reaction YouTube Channel called The Kel-n-Rich Show 2.0 (“KnR 2.0”). The KnR Channel is currently approaching 50,000 subscribers within their first 10 months and have just launched the 2.0 version of their show. “KnR 2.0” is all about highlighting the importance of artists’ rights and copyright adherence as well as upholding child privacy laws.
Kel-n-Rich are a very sweet and fun married couple that provide their first reactions to music. Their videos get thousand of views as soon as they are released. I am requesting that (Name of Artist/Label) grants written permission for The Kel-n-Rich Show to feature (Name of Song(s). KnR is one of the only channels on the internet that openly and aggressively goes this far to protect and honor artists’ work. Here is the URL for The Kel-n-Rich Show 2.0 along with their Website.
KnR YouTube Channel:
KnR Website:
With your approval, they will simply play the (Name of Song(s) and provide their reactions. After the song finishes, they speak more about it and welcome any comments viewers have in the comments below the video.
All they need is your written statement that approves the use of (Name of Song(s). Kel and Rich Gafter are genuine and honest people that provides hours of entertainment and fantastic promotion for (Name of Artist).
If you would prefer, please approve them using any songs from (Name of Artist) and other artists currently on your music label.
Please reply back by email with your company’s approval on your letterhead. This way, I can submit it to Kel-n-Rich and (The Song(s) can be featured on their channel very soon.
Thank you for your attention. I hope to hear back from you very soon with your approval.
Kindest Regards,
Your Name
Your Email