To us, R.I.P. means Rocking In Peace in the big Stadium in the Sky!

So we are dedicating this page to the memories of our loves ones and our musical heroes (sons, mothers, brothers, friends, teachers, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, etc.) who are now Rocking In Peace.

They will always be missed and never forgotten.


In the COMMENTS BELOW where it says “LEAVE A REPLY”:
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We welcome you to add the name of your loved one / hero, the dates of their birth and passing, and a few words to let us know what he or she meant to you. You may include a photo but due to storage limitations please keep the photo size limited 200k per photo. Please choose a SMALL or MEDIUM photo size.

SEE THE EXAMPLE FOR JARED MICHAEL GAFTER – He’s the top posting / main thread.

PLEASE KEEP THE DESCRIPTION TO 25 WORDS OR LESS as per the example…to leave room for others.

Think of this as a digital headstone, rock-n-metal style!

Thank you and warmest regards,



  1. 🤘Jared Michael Gafter🤘
    🎸November 29, 1995. – December 28, 2018🎸
    Beloved son, brother, friend, music metal genius and lover of life and heavy music that makes people smile and thrash around!
    Love Dad and Kel Gafter

  2. Barbara B. Barski
    30 October, 1950 – 6 August, 2019
    Beloved Sister, Mother, and Wife. A school teacher in the Chicago area. When the school curriculum changed over the years; she made certain that music stayed in the school system.
    Always in my heart, your brother Cliff.

  3. Lloyd J. Hebert, III
    May 25, 1961 – February 1, 2013
    Beloved Brother, Son, and Friend. He loved metal music, bass guitar, people, and animals. He was such a sweet person, and is greatly loved and missed.
    Until we meet again, your sister Trudy.

    • Dearest Trudy,

      Thank you so much for adding Lloyd to our Stadium in the Sky. We are honoured to have you share with us and we extended our deepest condolences for the loss of your sweet brother.

      Thank you for being who you are and bring what you do. You are amazing.

  4. Scott Jefferson. One of my best friends and badass bass playing band mate lost his long battle with brain cancer 3 years ago. A couple months later I found out I had colon cancer, I’ve been battling it for almost 3 years now. We started our first band in 1990 and played off and on until his passing. He is on the left and I’m on the right of this pic.

    • Dear Rod,

      We are saddened to learn of the loss of your best friend and band mate, Scott. Our hearts are with you. Thank you for sharing your story and this wonderful photo. We wish you all the best for a healthy music filled future.

      Thank you for posting here in our Stadium in the Sky ans for being here with us.

      • Kel,

        I have very sad news. Rod Taylor, the gentleman that posted about his friend/band mate passed away yesterday, 12/16, from a long battle with colon cancer.

        I didn’t know him well, but know of him only through others. From what I hear, he was a great guy and even better friend.

        His former band is Quartermile Pumpkin.

        R.I.P., Rod.

  5. GEORGE BARKER. Passed 2000. I never worked with a musician who absolutely threw his entire body and soul into every instance of playing his guitar. He burned out way too soon. ROCK ON George. You were the real deal.

  6. Stevie Ray Vaughan
    3 OCTOBER 1954 – 27 August 1990
    There 29 years ago , leave my favorite guitar player ,than i see 4 times in show , the last time with Joe Cocker at Forum de Montreal ,one month before his death ,
    i still listening his music often .
    He past away vgery too soon

  7. Marilyn Feltman
    6/8/38 – 02/14/08

    To my mom who left us on Valentine’s Day, 2008. Though my mother loved country music and some pop music, she always kept one of my cassettes in her car…Rush – Hold Your Fire. She loved Time Stand Still. She even played it when I was not in the car with her, so it wasn’t just for me. She passed before I met my wife so she never met my wife or daughter. I miss her tons and think of her daily. RIP mom, we love you.

  8. RIP Ray Thomas… Dec 1941 toJan 2018… Founder, poet and flautist of the Moody Blues… A true gentleman, professional and now veteran cosmic rocker… Your gentle nature and warm spirit will be missed forever….

    • Hi Joseph. Something left the Moodies when he left the band. He brought so much to the table and his solo work was even better. I miss his delicate touch with music.

    • being perhaps the biggest Moody Blues fan ever, I read with tears your commemoration of this great musician! thanks for thinking of him too..

  9. Debbie Slusser 6-27-44 – 12-19-17
    Sister, Mother , and Grammy to so many that needed her to be.
    Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you . The day you left , left a big hole in my heart.
    roses in the window box
    Have tilted to one side
    Everything about this house
    Was born to grow and die.
    Until we meet again some sunny day . Love , Ree

  10. Mike Otten (02/21/59 – 09/11/01)
    My brother, my hero. Mikey was a NYC Fire Fighter who was killed in the attacks of 9/11.
    Mike took me to my first concert for my 12th birthday, Van Halen ’81. He was such an influence on my taste in music. He loved music from The Allman Bros. To Zappa. I miss you brother more and more every day. NEVER FORGET.

  11. Thomas Moore 1997-2004
    Man i miss you so much little bro i never stop missing you cancer took you to soon
    till we meet again

    • Dear Wayne,

      There is so much I want to say to you but I know nothing can be said to ease the pain of your loss. All I can offer is that we are here for you.

      Kel n Rich

  12. Joseph Starace September 29th 1959 – August 22nd 2019
    My brother Joe passed away 2 weeks ago due to complications from Myotonic Dystrophy, a form of Muscular Dystrophy. He loved baseball, specifically the NY Mets. We never missed a game on TV, even when we moved to Pennsylvania, we got the MLB.TV app and watched the games through our smart TV. Joe was also a huge football fan, a Jets fan all the way, yes Mets and Jets, we suffered through many tough seasons together. Joe liked music also, while not as fanatical as I am, we shared interests in the same type of music, from the Aerosmith to ZZ Top and everything in between, with a special affinity we both shared for the Beatles. My Brother, My roommate, My best friend I’ll miss you till the day I die. Love you brother, Rest In Peace.
    P.S. Say hi to Mom and Dad and Frank for me.

  13. Dear John,

    Please accept our deepest condolences on behalf of the loss of your brother. We understand how raw and painful this is. We are here for you, any time.

  14. Oli Herbert 🎸July 10, 1974 – October 17, 2018🎸
    Oli was not only the guitarist for All That Remains but he was also my friend! I met Oli his senior year in high school through a mutual friend who was MY best friend and went to school with Oli! We spent our late teens and early 20’s hanging out at Denny’s drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes and talking music! He was a kind and gentle soul who played guitar with a furious passion! We still feel his loss to this day and I think of him quite often as we near the 1 yr anniversary of his passing! R.I.P. Oli, you were loved more than you ever knew!

  15. Steve Clark, original Def Leppard guitarist and songwriter, passed away 8 January 1991 (aged 30)
    I met Steve a few times after gigs early in Def Leppards career, seemed like a really nice guy

  16. Loving your YT channel as I said on a few of your videos. Thank you. RIP (I know he’s still Rocking!) To my brother Michael L. Gross. Without whom my journey into Rock would have been vastly different. I was lucky enough to see the mostly reunited Van Halen live with him in Reno and we rocked out on his birthday! Was one of the best nights of my and I’m pretty sure his live! Rock on brother! I love you!

  17. Loving your YT channel as I said on a few of your videos. Thank you. RIP (I know he’s still Rocking!) To my brother Michael L. Gross. 4/22/65 to 3/30/16 Without whom my journey into Rock would have been vastly different. I was lucky enough to see the mostly reunited Van Halen live with him in Reno and we rocked out on his birthday! Was one of the best nights of my and I’m pretty sure his live! Rock on brother! I love you!

  18. Remembering Darren Fitzgerald July 1996 – September 2001 Always close to my heart and never far from mind. an inspiration on how to face life’s troubles… I will hold you close in my thoughts until the day we meet again.


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