Our Interview With Soen (Swedish Progressive Metal Supergroup) – Kel, Martin Lopez, Joel Ekelöf, and Rich


Here is our exclusive interview with Martin Lopez and Joel Ekelöf of Soen. This 70 minute ‘backstage’ interview was recorded on Skype just before their August 26, 2019 show in Graz, Austria. The screen recording split off Kel and Joel’s face a bit but the sound is great and you can see some or most of them at times! The freezing video resolves in seconds on one side of the screen so no worries there either. Not bad for a ‘maiden voyage. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you so Much for this interview, We are waiting patiently in Argentina for these guys to come over, they are supposedly coming in April next year. I have been following them since 2012, I found them on a fluke. Been fighting my country’s ridiculous import restrictions to get their CDs, ever since. They kinda scratch the Tool itch, however, I could find something so uniquely strange about their flow and overall sculpting of their songs that kept me locked in for Soen itself. The Bass tone on Cognitive is really similar to Tool’s Ænima, and for that reason many people wrote them off a mere rip-off, which is beyond unfortunate.
    When Tellurian came out, I found out that, as Kel said, Soen also strikes a chord which is a specific one, which other bands do not make vibrate. The progression on the Lykaia and Lotus releases show such an incredible understanding of the aforementioned Balance, which exhibits the band as a unit larger than the sum of its parts. Not that it is not present on the first 2 records, it is simply undeniable and overwhelming on the latter ones.
    Also loved!!!! to learned that they named it Soen , simply because it is a euphony to their ears. Awesome stuff. Once again, thanks for this!


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