Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms (Kel’s First Reaction) Veteran’s Day Special Viewing


Thank you to all of the soldiers around the world (and those that have passed) for your service. Here is one of Rich’s favorite songs he chose to introduce to Kel on this special day. Peace and good wishes to you and yours.


  1. Ken’s face said it all! A deep, moving song that forces you to think!

    I don’t know if you’ve reviewed this song, but “The Living Years” has a similar vibe – done by Mike and the Mechanics – beautiful and thoughtful!
    Michael – kishka7wincountry

  2. This song is so good. It’s always reminded me of Pink Floyd. Matter of fact when I first heard it on the radio long ago and far away I thought it was Pink Floyd. Mark Knofler is an amazing guitarist, he finger picks everything, which is difficult.

    \m/ Stay Metal \m/

  3. Love you guys! True reaction as always. I recently discovered a true gem of a version of Mark playing this. It’s from a solo tour of his, look for the one with the string band behind him…amazing stuff…cheers!

  4. Mark has written many songs with serious subject matter. Remembrance Day and Piper to the End could almost be seen as other chapters in the Brothers in Arms pantheon.


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